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Maguma Studio 1.3.3
App Name:Maguma Studio
Updated:2015-10-11 17:20:42
Size:871 KB
License Type:Freeware
Category:Developer Tools, Editor
Maguma Studio is the source-level IDE, equipped with all the features known from other languages development environments. Maguma Studio gives developers a time-saving development tool.
  • Features full integration of the PHP interpreter and the PHP documentation
  • Integrated preview window, full syntax highlighting for HTML and PHP
  • Auto Complete for frequently used text constructs
  • ag buttons and all the standard editing functions like almost unlimited undo, copy and paste, searching, etc
  • Studio is smaller and faster loading than other PHP IDEs
  • Windows
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Download Maguma Studio 1.3.3 for Windows - 871 KB via Download Location link.